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Our objectives

To provide flexible placements for adults with mental health illness with associated needs within a supported housing as well as in their own homes

To assist individuals to gain or relearn skills which will assist them to achieve higher levels of independence while receiving the support they need to live safely within the community

To provide personalised structured activities for individuals to live as independently as they can and move on to more independent accommodation

To assist individuals to comply with their recovery programmes and treatment plans, in order to maintain optimal physical and mental health

To offer a high level of motivational support in order to enable individuals engage with their daily rehab activities

To provide timely and effective intervention to assist individuals to manage mental health relapse within the home environment rather than moving to a hospital

To work closely with other professionals and extended families to ensure that a high standard of care is maintained

To protect individuals from harm and abuse, and their Rights, Dignity and Choices respected at all times.

Motivational support and timely intervention is key

The caring profession is forever evolving and in recent times there has been excellent progress in the field of mental health care – and by following the latest guidelines, techniques and counselling methods we can hope to achieve far more than ever before. For example, one important aspect of recent years is understanding how we can tailor care to the individual.

Motivational support

It’s the little things in life that often bring the most joy; sharing a joke with friends at a local meeting, cooking a delicious meal, singing at church, volunteering help, learning how to paint or make ceramics, how to grow vegetables, and so the list goes on. But when suffering from ill-health it can be difficult to see how such activities are possible or worthwhile and how such distractions can make us feel more connected.

At Panacea Care, we offer constant encouragement and help individuals by providing structured activities.


Timely intervention

Circumstances can overwhelm us at times and we may be left feeling empty, disconnected and without purpose. At such times its important to have people around us who can offer support.

Our care staff are able to offer the kind of support you would expect from friends and family, and of course they’re trained to identify the point at which additional support is needed and respond accordingly.


Recovery programme

At Panacea Care we make sure individuals reach for and maintain optimal physical and mental health and we do this by ensuring that individuals follow their recovery programme as set out, but also to look out for their interests as would a friend.

When we see an opportunity for greater independence we’ll discuss the possibilities with family members and engage other professionals in order to review the care we offer.